Termite Management

Termite management can be challenging, but it is our specialty at Riverside Pest Management.

Termites foraging in a fence post

Subterranean termites, more commonly known as ‘white ants’, are a highly destructive timber pest and cause major structural timber damage to buildings within Australia. Industry surveys have found that one in three properties will, or have been attacked by termites and the damage they cause is not covered under your home insurance. This figure is only expected to rise due to construction materials and designs that conceal termite entry and allow infestation. No matter the construction type, even steel framed homes, your building is susceptible to termite attack.

Subterranean termites can be very difficult to find due to their nature and habitat, and often you will not know that they are in your home until they have caused a moderate amount of damage. This is why Riverside Pest Management strongly recommends all home owners have a visual termite inspection carried out on their investment every 12 months using conventional methods as well the latest in thermal imaging technology and the regions first termite detection dog.

Homegurad collars installed to plumbing penetrations before the slab was poured.

There are many different methods of treating termites, from baiting systems to chemical and physical barriers. We will discuss all treatment options with you. We consider the construction of your home, location of the infestation and species of termites.

Riverside Pest Management is an accredited Homeguard and Altis Reticulation installer, an EFLEX operator and Termidor applicator; which are known as being the best products and warranties on the market.

Riverside Pest Management strongly endorses the Sentricon AlwaysActive termite control system. This system combines the positive aspects of chemical barriers and baiting systems, offering the safety of baiting systems and the continuous protection of a barrier.