Detection Dog

Ben the termite detection dog

Riverside Pest Management has the regions first termite detection dog. His name is Ben and he’s a working cocker spaniel with an unbelievable nose for the pest.

Pest control sniffer dogBen comes from a champion blood line of detection dogs, his grandfather Pete, was a top termite detection dog working in Sydney, his father Ess is a top termite and bed bug detection dog working in Sydney, and his aunty Sal is a noxious weed detection dog working in the Snowy Mountains National Park.

From just six weeks of age Ben began his training in Sydney with renowned trainer and pest control expert, Shane Clarke, to become a sniffer dog. Specialising in detecting termites, he can find the destructive pest hidden behind walls, emerging from cracks or joints in concrete, in trees, the garden, or pretty much in any structure, and is more accurate than conventional testing equipment.

pest management dogBen’s expertise is early detection of termites, often before they become visible to the eye or conventional equipment can pick up, and is great at locating termite nests. Ben is also trained to indicate on conducive conditions such as water leaks, wood rot and decay, in the absence of termites.

There is no other Termite Detection Dog with the independent search and find skills like Ben working in the Riverina, or in fact in southern NSW or Victoria.

If you know that you have a problem termite job or want the peace of mind of the most accurate termite inspection in the region, call Steve on 0400 435 252.